Innovative Payment Solution

noqoodyPAY is a successful payment system that works across your business. noqoodyPAY made accepting cards easy, and even more easier. The more online payment options, the better. The success of your online business depends on sales, so make as many sales as you possibly can by offering as many online payments as possible on your site, mobile app or digital kiosk.

Familiar and Trusted

As a dedicated payment provider powering millions of daily online payments, noqoodyPAY manifest our higher commitment with better results as it helps you reduce your cost and to protect your business through our secured programs and tools.

Zero Overhead and Zero Risk

At noqoodyPAY, all the transactions are pre-screened with advanced algorithms and parameters. We provide stable and highly secured transactions and bulletproof online security managed and monitored by real quality experts and financials.

Phenomenal Customer Support

We work hard to support every business need, We are 24/7 available to help you with expert technical support. So customize your business and get started NOW!

Affordable Rates

Big scale business or small scale, Commercial business or NGO business, we have a ready plan built to meet your budget.


noqoodyPAY is the perfect platform to help your business reach its potential. Our gateway will boost your sale

Having the right payment methods will help you sell more through our payment gateways. Customize your payment page by in your look and feel.


Our versatile suite of reporting tool makes it easy to monitor and manage all your multi channel payments under one account.


noqoodyPAY’s gateway delivers different online payment methods to your business. From Credit card and Naps to Direct mobile billing, PayPal, American Express and more.

noqoodyPAY allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that your customer data is handled securely.